Ironclad Tactics, 2013

Toribash, 2006, Nabi Studios.

"violence perfected", they say. No, not really, more like: "you’ll laugh your ass off".

Drunken Robot Pornography, 2014, Dejobaan Games.

Fun little fps shooter with bullet hell elements. A bit too linear, maybe, but overall is nice and entertaining.

Dungeons of Dredmor, 2011, Gaslamp Games.

If you aren’t bothered by the not-so-astounding graphics, this is a pretty fun roguelike.

Museum of Parallel Art, 2014.

I can’t even understand how one could think of this as “fun”. Yes, the art is sweet, but the idea - and I think it’s quite the only one effort the developers put into this, since it’s a pretty standard unity first person thing - is not. Not even remotely interesting. Just go around these randomly selected pictures assigning them cards which should describe your feelings towards what you are thinking, but none of them ever really fits with your ideas, so you end up assigning pretty much random cards to every picture. The “confront your picks with another player” part is completely useless, since the cards have no meaning.

Starbound, 2013 (beta), Chucklefish.

procedurally + generated + planets + exploration + sandbox + crafting + spaceships = I want it.